Dubella Full English Breakfast – National Indoor Arena

This place is also known as Dubella Boardwalk. Its at the Barclaycard Arena, by Eds Diner, the Tapas place and one of those chain coffee places.

I like Dubella in Boldmere. I like this place too. Its spacious, well designed and somewhere you would be happy to hang out.

I ordered my breakfast, expecting, (and hoping) for a copy of the breakfast I had at Dubella in Boldmere. It was close, but not quite there.

It featured a couple of sausages, (not as plump as the Boldmere venue), a couple of bacon, a round of thick toast, a fried egg, black pudding, crispy fried hash brown, sliced mushrooms and a MASSIVE half a tomato, (cooked top and bottom – but raw in the middle). Sadly, it was missing the white pudding – which was an excellent touch at Boldmere.

A special thanks should go to the staff. They lady serving, (with the purple hair!), was lovely and called me mate! Brilliant :0)

The biggest faux pas they made though were the beans. They contaminated everything!  I like beans, but I don’ like them on my mushrooms, (I like to taste the mushrooms), the same goes for the bacon, egg and everything else. Shame. Though I have listed some negatives, they are easy to sort out and its still worthy of a 7 rating.

Breakfast is served until 12:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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