About Birmingham Breakfast Club

Birmingham Breakfast Club was founded after a few bike rides into the city centre of Brum, by a small group of friends. One of them suggested reviewing the breakfasts we ate.

Birmingham Breakfast Club was born.

Over the last few years, I have been lucky enough to have been helped with reviews by a small but dedicated team, @outinbrum, @wdlea @richjinks, @ellenmanning,

I am always looking for blogger and breakfast fans to help me review venues. If you fancy helping out, please ensure that you supply the following information to ensure that I can post your review to the site:

1. A Photo of yourself.
2. Twitter name and link
3. Instagram name and link
4. Facebook name and link
5. Photo of the venue
6. Photo of the menu
7. Photo, (minimum of 3) of the breakfast
8. The actual review
9. Address of the venue
10 Social media for the venue
I am asking for a lot – but I am trying to improve the quality of the site – so the more information I get, the better. Thanks in advance.

If you are press, please feel free to contact me at simon @ birminghambreakfastclub.co.uk

For breakfast advice, please use the site or the Facebook and Twitter feeds.