Alchemist Full English Breakfast

Alchemist Full English Breakfast – Colmore Row

Alchemist Colmore Row - Birmingham
Alchemist Colmore Row – Birmingham

After being invied to try out the new brunch menu at Gusto, I found myself rather hungry and wanting a Full English. We tried Lost and Found to find it closed, then we went for Alchemist. I am not one for gimicks, so this place was never going to be brilliant – I worked that out when my cup of tea turned up in a chemists flask…

Alchemist - Tea
Alchemist – Tea

We ordered our breakfasts, (I requested beans to be separate and soft poached eggs), extra toast was ordered, too.

Within 10 minutes, our breakfasts arrived. They looked OK, but its hard to tell with their lighting, (its a bit dark).

My Full English came with 2 perfect poached eggs and the beans were in a little pot – just as requuested. The toast, for some reason was only toasted on one side, (as was the toast that came with the bacon and waffles?

Alchemist - Full English Breakfast - insipid sausage
Alchemist – Full English Breakfast – insipid sausage

The sausage was OK, but looked a bit insipid, bacon was just cooked, the black pudding, (Bury black pudding – for some reason they mention the origin of the black pudding, but nothing else?). Overall, everything was OK. Nothing special, nothing of note, (apart from the perfect poached eggs).

The bacon and waffles were OK, too. There was plenty of bacon, but the scrambled eggs were a little over cooked, which was a shame. Again, the toast is only toasted on one side, for some reason.

Alchemist Bacon and Waffles with toastAlchemist Bacon and Waffles with toast
Alchemist Bacon and Waffles with toast

Breakfast was ‘alright’. its nothing special, however, it wasnt particularly bad, it wasnt particularly good. Its just OK. Would I rush back, no. Would I recommend it, no – there are much better options in the city centre.

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