Full English Breakfast Full English Breakfast – Great Western Arcade

I stumbled upon this place by mistake. I was just wondering around and found it, quite close to the best coffee shop in Brum, (Yorks Bakery Cafe on Colmore Row). Its nestled in amongst specialist whisky shops, the award winning Loki Wine, vintage clothes shops et al.

I wasn’t sure if they did a Full English breakfast – but although it looks like a deli, they do indeed offer a Full English for £4.99 (to include coffee or tea).

The lady that served me was lovely, a warm smile when she took my order and when she served my coffee and breakfast.

I ordered the breakfast, sat down and no more than 6 or 7 minutes later, a piping hot Full English was served, along with my coffee. The coffee was decent. The sausages were probably the cheapest I have eaten, but for the price point, I cant really argue. The bacon was pretty good, cooked perfectly. The fresh mushrooms were also cooked exactly to my liking. The breakfast also included a grilled tomato, beans as well as a perfectly cooked fried egg. And toast. 1 piece of toast. As a slight complaint, the sign on the window did say that the breakfast came with 2 pieces of toast, but do you know what, I will let them off.

There was one HUGE complaint: The beans were contaminating the rest of the breakfast. We all know the rules – Beans separate!

Overall, I was quite impressed. If only they changed their sausages and served the beans separately!

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