Beached Lamb - Full English Breakfast - Newquay

Beached Lamb – Newquay, Cornwall

Beached Lamb – Newquay, Cornwall

I was recommended this place by a fellow breakfast blogger: Doncaster Breakfast Club. I was excited, even with the caveat of ‘try not to worry about the hipsterness of the place’. Massive beards, servers wearing crystals, tattoos everywhere and lots of mentions of vegan and organic all over the place. DBC owes me an apology. It wasnt good.

Beached Lamb Menu

Its on the main drag in Newquay, Cornwall, the bit near the harbour. Its a weird name – but hipsters do that. It was sunny and we ate outside. We placed our order at 10:15.

Beached Lamb Interior

At 10:45, I posted that I was still waiting. 10:50, the server came over and explained that there was a severe allergy customer that meant that everything had to be cleaned down – hence the delay, it made the wait understandable. The server was pleasant and had the decency to tell us about the wait – I appreciated that. Food arrived at 11:00.

Beached Lamb - Full English - Newquay
Beached Lamb – Full English – Newquay

Dont be fooled by the incredible looking egg. It was rock solid:

Beached Lamb - Hard Egg - Newquay
Beached Lamb – Hard Egg – Newquay

My good lady ordered a Vegetarian Breakfast burrito – it was piping hot – but lacked seasoning – rated as OK. It was filling but once it had seasoning, it was better.

Beached Lamb – Underseasoned Veggie Breakfast Burrito

My granddaughter ordered a ‘Jonno’. It was sort of a bacon, egg, (good yolk), hash brown and cheese on a bun thing. She said it was amazing. The hash brown was the best bit. At the time of writing, she is 7.

Beached Lamb - Jonno - Newquay
Beached Lamb – Jonno – Newquay

Our breakfasts turned up. Mine was a ‘Surfers Breakfast’. It was a small Full English. One sausage, (really good), one bacon, (unforgivable only offering one piece), a greasy, fried egg, (it looked amazing, a deep yellow yolk, however it was rock solid), 2 hash browns, a ramekin of baked beans, half a tomato, mushrooms and the tiniest piece of toast that was barely toasted – you can see how small it was by comparing it with the hash browns.

The sausage was good. Tiny, but good. If they are going to serve sausages this small, they should serve 2 of them. This one was literally 2 bites and it had gone. In its defence, it was excellent and cooked perfectly – the breakfast highlight.

Beached Lamb - Sausages - Newquay
Beached Lamb – Sausages – Newquay

This breakfast cost £8.50. Its at the higher end of the market when it comes to breakfasts. It didnt deliver.

I always end with a ‘would I recommend this place’:

Would I recommend this place for a Full English breakfast: No. Overpriced, to small, (it needs the egg to be runny and at least another bacon and piece of toast to be reasonable). Try Lakeside Cafe, its bigger, better quality and better value.

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