Bills Breakfast

Bills Full English Breakfast – Bullring

OK, so its a chain. Sometimes, chain restaurants have good breakfasts – take Wetherspoons, for example.

As its been there for quite a while, I thought I should try it out, so on Saturday morning at 10:30 I turned up and was somewhat surprised that our party of 4 had to wait to get a table.

Bills at the Bull Ring Shopping Centre
Bills at the Bull Ring Shopping Centre

Once we were seated, by the lovely hostess, we ordered drinks. Coffee came in a small cup whereas the tea came in huge enamelled pots, (I still dont think that this is fair). Unfortunately, one of the pots of tea was quite dirty:

Bills - a Rather Grubby Tea Pot
Bills – a Rather Grubby Tea Pot

There was a small wait for the food to turn up, but that was understandable with the amount of people in the restaurant, so no complaints about that, (there were still people outside queuing up for breakfasts while we were eating.

Bills Menu
Bills Menu

You might notice from the menu that there are things such as beans, potato, (none of us could quite work out what it was) and black pudding were all available but all charged as an extra. I find that a little annoying, perhaps its just me?

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