Bistrot Pierre - Full English Breakfast

Bistrot Pierre Full English Breakfast – Mere Green

Its a chain – but I thought I would give it a go anyway. The setting is beautiful. Mulberry Walk in Mere Green. Freezing cold outside, sunny blue sky and me sat inside a big restaurant watching the world go by.

Bistrot Pierre - Mere Green
Bistrot Pierre – Mere Green

Sitting in corner away from everyone else, we ordered our drinks, all perfectly fine. 20 minutes or so later, I asked if someone could take our breakfast order, (we were worried that we would miss the breakfast cut-off point, (they stop doing breakfast at 11:15).

Bistrot Pierre - Breakfast Menu
Bistrot Pierre – Breakfast Menu

Our order was a eggs benedict, (ham exchanged for mushrooms) and 2 full english with poached eggs, (I asked for them to be soft poached). I asked for beans to be served separately, too, (I am not sure if this is normal practise here, but I thought it best to make sure).

When the plates arrived, it was obvious that the eggs were overcooked:

Bistrot Pierre - poached egg fail
Bistrot Pierre – poached egg fail

Such a shame. I asked for them to be replaced, which the server said was not a problem and would get sorted immediately. She was right, a couple of minutes later and the eggs arrived: perfectly cooked.

Bistrot Pierre - Poached Egg
Bistrot Pierre – Poached Egg

Apart from the egg incident, the bacon was dried out, (kept warm for too long), the sausages were OK, they served breakfast with a quarter of tomato and the thinnest of slices of black pudding – which was aslo a bit dried out.

Breakfast for 3, 4 hot drinks, 3 orange juices and extra toast came to less that £40, which I thought was very reasonable.

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