Bitter and Sweet - Full English Breakfast - seperate beans and tomatoes

Bitter and Sweet – Full English Breakfast – Tamworth

Bitter and Sweet - Tamworth
Bitter and Sweet – Tamworth

This was my second attempt to get a breakfast here. On my first visit, they were shut, (no idea why?), so I ended up at a Beefeater.

We were slightly more successful this time, with it being open and a few customers already in there. I went with my wife and granddaughter.

This place is mainly there to serve desserts and cake. I am not a massive sweet toothed person, however, I did have to admire the cakes and cheesecakes they had on display, (one was a cookie dough and chocolate cheesecake!)

Bitter and Sweet - Menu
Bitter and Sweet – Menu

Obviously, I went for the Full English. My wife went for poached eggs and tomatoes on toast, my granddaughter went for waffles, strawberries, syrup, ice-cream and whipped cream. She loved it!

Bitter and Sweet - Dessert
Bitter and Sweet – Dessert

On to breakfast. It was not expensive and was large. 3 sausages, 3 bacon, 2 egg, tomato, beans and toast. The sausages were very cheap ones, the bacon was good, tomatoe and beans were both served in a ramekin, (by request). Toast was thick and well buttered. They also served very good mushrooms which were not on the menu, but very much welcomed.

Bitter and Sweet - Full English Breakfast
Bitter and Sweet – Full English Breakfast

The price point here has to be mentioned: at £6.45, this is a very large meal, (I left a sausage – it was too much for me). Its obvious that the ingredients are not ‘locally sourced’, but rather bulk buy from the local cash and carry warehouse, however, at the pricepoint they are offering, it would be wrong to expect anything else.

Bitter and Sweet - Full English
Bitter and Sweet – Full English

As a side note, the owner, (1 of 2 sisters that run the place), was a great host. She was very loud, very funny and clearly passionate about her cafe/dessert bar.

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