Blue Bell Cider House - Large Full English Breakfast

Blue Bell Cider House – Full English Breakfast – Earlswood

I chose this place as it was half way from where I live to where my friends live. We hadnt seen each other for ages, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to enjoy a Full English breakfast and catch up with my oldest friend.

Blue Bell Cider House – The pretty part of it.

Firstly, my TomTom got me to the road, not about half a mile away from where the pub was. When we got there, its not quite a pretty as the pictures looked on the website.

From the car park, you are greeted by an old wooden conservatory, filled with condensation and an old serving section, (think industrial Hostess Trolleys). Its not the nicest entrance, but regardless, we were here now and it was time to grab the menu:

Blue Bell Cider House Menu

I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as we all did. There was particular note of the mushrooms: 5 of them. Not 4, not 6, but a very specific 5! As there were 7 of us, we had quite a combination of breakfasts. I went for the large Full English Breakfast, with beans in a pot – of course). I did not expect what we ended up being served. Not at all.

One of the biggest breakfasts I have ever eaten: The Blue Bell Cider House in Earlswood

2 fried eggs, 3 bacon, (perfectly cooked and thick), 3 hash browns, (potato and onion ones), 2 slices of black pudding, (again, well cooked, not dry), 2 ‘jumbo’ sausages, 5 mushrooms – as advertised, tinned tomatoes, a pot of beans, and a round of toast, option of bread and butter, fried bread or toast).

The sauces that are on the table are very cheap. So much so, I wouldnt use them. For goodness sakes, it cant cost much more to go for cheap and nasty sauces to Heinz Ketchup and HP brown sauce? If you cant offer those, you shouldnt be offering any.

Cheap Ketchup and Brown Sauce
Cheap Ketchup and Brown Sauce

Obviously, the breakfast was huge. Ridiculously so. I commented to the chef about this, he said that he likes to give good value. Like my friend Bill said: “This guy knows his way around a deep fat fryer”. Bill was right. Everything that could be fried was. Sausages and mushrooms were ala deep fat fryer, the eggs and black pudding were both fried too. The sausages were huge, but cheap ones. Dont get me wrong, I have no beef with cheap sausages, but I would hate you to turn up at the Blue Bell Cider House and think that you were getting premium sausages – you will not.

Blue Bell Cider House - Large Full English Breakfast - Close Up Picture
Blue Bell Cider House – Large Full English Breakfast – Close Up Picture

Service wasnt that fast. It took about 30 minutes to get our food, however while we were waiting we were fed a constant supply of tea – which was what we needed.

The bill came to £60 for the 7 of us with drinks. You cant argue with that.

Would I recommend this place? Only if you were really hungry, No if you were not – portion sizes are massive. Its not the best breakfast, not the best service, not the best setting, but I loved it – as A) I am greedy and B) I didnt have any dinner last night.

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