Brasshouse Full English Breakfast

Brasshouse Full English Breakfast – Broad Street

My friend Chris and I cycled into Brum with the hope of finding a decent breakfast. We tried all around Digbeth for somewhere new, but we failed, (though did see some amazing graffiti). We ended up coming to the city centre and ended up in the Brasshouse, an old pub of standing on Broad Street in Brum. I have to be honest, I was hoping to hate is, as I am passionate about independent cafes, restaurants and bars, not boring old chain pubs and cafes. This place is a chain pub, part of the Stonegate chain of over 20 bars – everything I try and avoid, however, in this instance, it was all I could think of that I hadnt tried – so we ventured in…

Brasshouse Full English Breakfast - Menu
Brasshouse Full English Breakfast – Menu

Firstly, I was shocked by the price. Such prime location, I expected to push prime prices, but far from it; it was cheap. We both opted for the Ful English, which came in a timely manner.  2 sausages, (not the expected soft, squidgy cheap and nasty sausages, but half decent ones), half a tomato, 2 mushrooms, a gravyboat of beans, a slice of toast, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, (sadly, 1 was hard) and 2 crispy and not greasy hash browns).

Brasshouse Full English Breakfast - Sausage
Brasshouse Full English Breakfast – Sausage

As I suggested earlier, I was expecting it to be a poor cousing of the Wetherspoons breakfast, but it was pretty good. The price was good, too, as was the service. Both Chris and I said that we would both give it a 7/10.

Brasshouse Full English Breakfast - 2 Mushrooms
Brasshouse Full English Breakfast – 2 Mushrooms

Obviously, I would always recommend an independent place over a chain, but if you are on Broad Street, then its certainly one to consider. I would be happy to go back.

British Breakfast Club Recommended
British Breakfast Club Recommended

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