Mud Dock Cafe – Bristol – 2020

Mud Dock Cafe in Bristol – Picture taken from the harbourside
The view from the balcony at Mud Dock Cafe in Bristol

We are in a pandemic. The world is going slightly mad. I am in Bristol and I need breakfast. Having been let down by local foodie facebookers, I went back to a place I had tried before, becuase it was a good weather forcast and I know we were booked early and could get an outside table.

We ordered a tea and a coffee. The coffee was good, not bitter. The tea was loose leaf. We are off to a good start.

Mud Cock Cafe Coffee – Really nice!

If you cant read the inside of the cup because of my awful photography it reads: ‘Lubricating the human engine since 1994’. I think this is very cycling related (the cafe is above a cycle shop and is bedecked in cycling related paraphenalia).

The interior of Mud Dock Cafe in Bristol – I love the bikes!

On to the breakfasts. Firstly, I had eaten here before and I gave the venue a mediocre 6 fried eggs out of 10. This visit was different. This visit was an 8. They upped their game. The mushrooms were not tinned or boiled like last time. The bacon was spot on, as was the sausage.

Succulent Sausage at Mud Dock Cafe, Bristol

Mushrooms were plentiful, (I had extra instead of a grilled half tomato), to toast was good, (though they serve a packet of butter for the toast – but the egg is already on it?). They did make one big step backwards though: On my last visit the beans were in a ramakin. This time they were not. Delicious as they were, I didnt want the bean juice contaminating my other ingredients.

A Great Full English Breakfast at Mud Dock Cafe, Bristol

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. The setting is beautiful, (especially on a lovely day, sat on the balcony), the location is perfect and I love the cycling connection.

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