Cafe House 107 - Full English Breakfast

Cafe House 107 Full English Breakfast – Kingstanding

I have no idea why I ended up at 2 different venues for breakfast in the same area, but sometimes, thats how it goes. I was driving around, looking for somewhere to eat and the only cafe I found was Goodfilllers, (which I ate at last week), then this one. From the outside, I wasn’t expecting too much:

Cafe House 107
Cafe House 107

The place wasnt too busy, it was around a third full, but it was around 11:00am. The 107, is the number of the property on the Hawthorn Road.

This is not an expensive area. You can tell that by the cost of the breakfast here: £4.30 gets you a Full English breakfast and a filter coffee to tea, you put your own milk and sugar in at the counter, where you get your cutlery from.

Cafe House 107 - Menu
Cafe House 107 – Menu

I ordered my Full English Breakfast, my guest ordered poached egg on one piece of toast and tomatoes on the other piece of toast, its supprising how many get this wrong or overcook the egg. Not here. It was spot on.

Cafe House 107 - Poached Egg and Tomato on Toast
Cafe House 107 – Poached Egg and Tomato on Toast

Apart from the obvious problem of the beans and tomatoes touching the egg, mine was pretty much perfect, too. Soft yolk on my fried egg, perfectly cooked bacon, just the right amount of beans and tomatoes.

Cafe House 107 - Full English
Cafe House 107 – Full English

The beans were Heinz, (I saw a mountain of catering tins out the back), the sausages, however, were so spongy, I could barely pierce them with my fork. They were obviously very cheap, however, they were still very tasty.

Cafe House 107 - Spongy Sausage
Cafe House 107 – Spongy Sausage

Overall, I think the breakfast was pretty good.

Would I recommend this breakfast? Yes. Its been a long time since I said that, but todays breakfast just hit the spot – and was ridiculously inexpensive, which never hurts.

Note: Sadly, their website is down, if it ever existed) and their social media presence doesnt exist. Shame, I would love them to know how good they are.

British Breakfast Club Recommended
British Breakfast Club Recommended

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