Canalside Cafe Not a Full English Breakfast - No Toast - Great Haywood

Canalside Cafe Full English (or is it?) – Great Haywood

We stayed with friends and went for breakfast at a local cafe, just a mile or so down the snowy canalpath. It was idyllic.

Canalside Cafe - Great Haywood
Canalside Cafe – Great Haywood

There has obviously been a lot of  money spent here, its lovely. Theres a great outdoors seating area, next to the canal, but as it was covered in snow, we thought it better to stay inside.

Canalside Cafe Menu - Great Haywood
Canalside Cafe Menu – Great Haywood

I love the fact that they are in Staffordshire and sell Staffordshire Oatcakes, which is great. That said, I went for a Full English. I asked for the beans to be separate and the egg poached, not fried.

Canalside Cafe - Hard Poached Egg - Great Haywood
Canalside Cafe – Hard Poached Egg – Great Haywood

The oatcakes and my breakfast arrived quite quickly. When my Full English(?) was put down, I asked about the toast? The server stated that toast was extra. I was with my wife, had I not been, I would have been a little less submissive. £6.95 is a good price for a breakfast, especially in such a great setting. £8.45 would have still been decent for the venue, (two pieces of toast cost £0.75 each). Its seems daft to me to offer a Full English, but miss off one of the key components – and charge you extra for it? Its like they whoever came up with that idea wanted to upset customers. Who has a Full English without toast? – end of rant!

Canalside Cafe Full English Breakfast - Great Haywood
Canalside Cafe Full English Breakfast – Great Haywood

On to the breakfast:

It was a big plate. too big for the breakfast, everything was spaced out to fill in the space. The poached egg, was barely runny. The bacon was dried out, as were the Packington sausages, which was a shame. The mushrooms had been ‘herbed’, something that I personally dont think they benefit from, though they were plentiful.

Overall, its a lovely place, but it just didnt work for me today, though with a few tweeks, it could be much better.

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