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Oyster Club – Special Event Breakfast – 2021

It had been over 5 years since the BBC managed to convince Adam Stokes, (owner of Adams and now Oyster Club), to colaborate with the British Breakfast Club. I was fortunate enough to run in to Adam again and he kindly volunteered his head chef, Rosie to organise the event. […]

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Raphaels Full English Breakfast (outstanding)

Raphaels Full English Breakfast – Wylde Green

Brilliant is the best way to describe the Full English breakfast here. 2 beautiful sausages, 1 perfectly cooked bacon slice, mushrooms, tomato, black pudding and beans. Hand cut bread would have made this a perfect breakfast, still excellent though. Lunch and evenings, its a Greek restaurant/sandwich bar. Service may be […]

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Simpsons - Bacon and Egg

Simpsons Michelin Starred Breakfast 2 Edgbaston

Another brilliant breakfast this morning, made even better with the fact just a month ago, I had another breakfast at Simpsons, another 3 course, (yes, 3) – but todays was totally different. It started with some great ingredients: Bacon, Sourdough, Duck Eggs and so much more: Bacon at Simpsons We […]

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