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Lunchi Full English Breakfast

Lunchi Full English Breakfast – Jewellery Quarter

The cafe/Deli/sandwich shop is near the clock in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham. Its an OK breakfast. The portion size was good, but they served the broken egg – which to me is a no-no. The ingredients were cheap, the setting wasnt lit well enough and service took quite a […]

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The Drome Full English Breakfast

The Drome Full English Breakfast – Castle Vale

2014 and before, this was a perfect example of a Greasy Spoon. Great breakfasts, quickly served and cheap with efficient’ staff. Cheap ingredients – but you knew what you were getting. My last visit was in April, 2015. Its now ‘Under New Management’. It was awful. Its lost its soul. […]

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Edgbaston Deli Full English Breakfast

Edgbaston Deli Full English Breakfast – Edgbaston

An excellent breakfast – but…. At one point, the chef came out with a knife to cut open someones egg, (he requested it runny – it was nearly solid – yet the chef, holding the knife told us it WAS runny – it obviously wasn’t). The server was unbelievably rude – […]

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