The Causeway Lichfield - Full English Breakfast2

Causeway Full English Breakfast – Lichfield

Lichfield is a quaint place. Its historical and on a super sunny Sunday on a bank holiday weekend, I found myself there at breakfast time. The perfect opportunity to sit out in the sun and enjoy what I still think is the best meal on the planet; a Full English Breakfast.

The Causeway Lichfield
Causeway Lichfield

My wife and I got an outdoor table and ordered. 2 pots of tea arrived and then the breakfasts, (1 veggie and 1 standard).

The Causeway Lichfield - Vegarian Full English Breakfast
Causeway Lichfield – Vegarian Full English Breakfast

The vegarian breakfast came with Quorn sausages, (not the best according to the better half, she prefers Cauldron branded ones). She said that her breakfast was ‘ok’. I asked her to be more descriptive, she upgraded it to ‘nice’. She did point out though that the chef here used a deep fat fryer a lot.

The Causeway Lichfield - Full English Breakfast2
Causeway Lichfield – Full English Breakfast2

Initially, my breakfast looked good. Then you notice that the mushrooms were deep fried, as were the sausages.

The Causeway Lichfield - Awful Sausage
Causeway Lichfield – Awful Sausage

I am not sure what brand of sausages they were, however they were certainly some of the cheapest sausages I have eaten, (I left one of the sponge like items as even I draw the line somewhere).

Breakfast was a standard affair, 2 deep fried sausages, (awful),  2 fried eggs, (pale yolks), deep fried mushrooms, deep fried hash brown, black pudding, (I think was deep fried but went all mushy), 2 bacon, (pretty decent), 2 toast and a thick slice of tomato – which I had no idea how was cooked?

In summary, breakfast was not good. Sure, it filled a slot, however it was done with ingredients that you would expect at a travelling fairground – one with no expectation of repeat business. And my wife was right, the chef certainly knew his/her way around a deep fat fryer.

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