Chi Kitchen - South Korean Seafood Pancace v1

Chi Kitchen Breakfast – Debenhams in the Bullring – Review by SS

I was invited to try out the breakfasts at the ‘Pan Asian’ restaurant Chi Kitchen by their PR people. I invited 2 other breakfast fans to join me so that we could be get a better idea of the menu as a whole and try lots of different items. We did not pay for the food – however, regardless of this, my review will be honest, (as ever).

Firstly, its a nice place. Its very smart. As smart as the general manager, his assistants and the head chef, (who also works at Chi Kitchen in Harrods). All these people greeted us with a warm smile and tried so hard to be helpful, but not too helpful. They did a good job.

I opted to try out a couple of the dishes, starting with the South Korean Seafood Omelette. OK, so its not my traditional type of breakfast choice, but I thought I would give it a go.

Warwick opted for Kaya Toast, (a Malaysian coconut jam on 2 slices of toast)

Chi Kitchen - Coconut Jam on Toast
Chi Kitchen – Coconut Jam on Toast

Laura had Eggs Benedict-san, (a ‘traditional’ Eggs Benedict but with salmon tataki) – I will only review my own food.

The South Korean Seafood Omelette was a bit lacking in flavour.

Chi Kitchen - South Korean Seafood Pancake v2
Chi Kitchen – South Korean Seafood Pancake v2

It was like it wasn’t seasoned, there wasn’t a lot going for it, to be honest. That said, when I reported this back the manager, he insisted that the chef make another for me to try, which I duly did. It was still far from what I expected, however, this time, it came with a soy dressing and a ginger and chilli dressing, (both on the side). This made it loads better straight away. It was still light on flavour, but the addition of the dipping sauces lifted it to another level. I couldn’t help but notice that the second omelette had more seafood and filling than the first one.

After my first, rather bland pancake, I then went on to try the Vietnamese Sausage Bun. With the exception of the cucumber, which I have a passionate hatred for, this was excellent, (so much so, I want to go out and buy some Vietnamese Sausage and make my own). It was simply lovely. I loved the heat that the sausage gives and although there wasn’t a lot of the sausage on the bun, it was just the right amount.

Chi Kitchen -Vietnamese Sausage Bun
Chi Kitchen -Vietnamese Sausage Bun
Chi Kitchen - Vietnamese Sausage
Chi Kitchen – Vietnamese Sausage

Things that you might find useful:

  1. Portion sizes are not big, (but its not expensive), so be mindful of that – I had 2 breakfasts and felt like I could eat another, easily.
  2. Its a new restaurant promoting their breakfast offering.
  3. During April, they are offering the first 20 people to come through the doors can eat a breakfast for just 88pence! – Its got to be worth the go, just for that? (check in advance that they are still offering it).
  4. They are open from 09:30, 7 days a week.

Overall, we had a nice time at Chi Kitchen. Some dishes worked really well, (Vietnamese Sausage  Bun, whereas some others didn’t work nearly as well. Its worth noting that the management, head chef and staff seemed really keen to hear our feedback and genuinely wanted to please, so I imagine that these dishes will improve over time.

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