Christophers - Tamworth - Full English Breakfast

Christophers Full English – Tamworth

Christophers is a nice looking bar from the outside, inside, its a bit smaller than I expected, but still quite nice. The biggest downside from eating breakfast there, (with hotel guests), was the echoey noise from the rooms. The ceilings are quite high – I think the place could benefit from some soft furnishings or some sound inhibitors, just to make the place a little more intimate, rather than having the ‘large empty room’ sound.

Breakfast was decent. Nothing that I would go screaming about, however, I wouldnt say no if I was invited again. There is better in Tamworth.

Breakfast was 2 sausages, mushrooms, bacon, hash brown, black pudding, toast and a couple of eggs that were both overcooked, (I specifically asked for runny eggs).

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