Cosy Club Birmingham Full English Breakfast

Cosy Club Full English Breakfast – Bennets Hill

I have hard nothing overly positive about Cosy Club, so when I went there today, I was very pleasantly surprised.Its a beautiful old building, it used to be a bank, so you go in and there are wonderful high ceilings. Its lovely.

The beautiful interior of Cosy Club Birmingham – a former bank.

I met  with a couple of other breakfast fans, both choosing pancakes. The pancakes were not that great according to one of the team. Its a shame, they looked pretty good.

Now on to the Full English:

2 half tomatoes, a small pot of beans, black pudding, a field mushroom, 2 pieces of bacon, (which were excellent), a very ‘herby’ sausage, (I must point out that it was tiny – if you are sending out a sausage this small, there should be 2 of them), sauted potatos, (not too warm), a perfectly poached egg, (sadly, the chef had used vinegar in the boiling water – which to me, leaves an unpleasant vinegary taste – not nice). It was perfectly cooked though and a couple of halfs of toast.

It was nice. I didn’t like the poached egg, for reasons stated above. There should have been another sausage or a larger one, but apart from that, it was very good. It was nicely presented, too.

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