Derby Manor Bournemouth - Full English

Derby Manor – Bournemouth

We had to go to Bournemouth overnight and found the Derby Manor. They had good reviews and it looked nice. It was also very cheap.

The room was big and had a lavish bathroom – it was spot on – but over to the breakfast….

It was served in the dining room and cooked to order. From ordering a Full English to recieving it was just 15 minutes, (enough time for me to make my toast and start my coffee).

Derby Manor Full English Breakfast

The breakfast arrived and apart from the eggs looking a little over done, (and slightly brown on the stringy egg white), it looked pretty damned good. It turns out that the eggs were perfectly cooked and had wonderful golden yolks. Bacon was just about perfect, the sausage was superb and cooked just right. There was a perfectly cooked half a tomato, black pudding and some small mushrooms. It was pretty good – but for a couple of small things that made it drop a couple of eggs:

Perfectly cooked sausage – nice and meaty!

A DIRTY menu – it shouldnt have been handed out – or it should have been cleaned prior to handing it out.

How can anyone hand out a DIRTY menu?

The second point was the brown sauce. It came in a ramekin. It was a lot of brown sauce, which I have no problem with at all. Where I have the issue is that it was not HP Brown sauce, but some bloody awful sweet, fruity fake HP sauce.

Overall, the breakfast was very good indeed. I will be recommending it. I would suggest that they just tweak the small issues of dodgy brown sauce and making sure the menus were clean. It would have got an 8/10 if it wasnt for this. Because of this, I am only awarding a 7.

British Breakfast Club Recommended
British Breakfast Club Recommended

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