Dubella Lounge Full English Breakfast

Dubella Lounge Full English Breakfast – Boldmere

I had been meaning to try the Dubella Lounge in Boldmere for ages, but its near to the Deli in Boldmere that won the 2013 Birmingham’s Best Breakfast, so I kept going back there instead.

I finally tried the new venue, that’s just a little further up the road. I have to admit, it was superb. Its a huge breakfast, but its also cooked well. Its got a lot going on: 2 sausages, bacon, white pudding, black pudding, mushrooms, toast, tomato, hash brown and beans. Wow!

The sausages were not the best quality, but overall, it was a good breakfast. One I will definitely be going back for again.

BBC Recommended!

BBC Rating

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