Edgbaston Deli Full English Breakfast

Edgbaston Deli Full English Breakfast – Edgbaston

An excellent breakfast – but….

At one point, the chef came out with a knife to cut open someones egg, (he requested it runny – it was nearly solid – yet the chef, holding the knife told us it WAS runny – it obviously wasn’t). The server was unbelievably rude – you would have thought that each of the ten of us had personally upset her.

We had called the restaurant a week earlier to let them know that the 10 of us were coming. It was a catastrophe. Breakfast took over an hour to arrive. With the exception of a hard egg being served, the breakfast itself was very good. The service was SO BAD I would never go back.

Edgbaston Deli Menu
Edgbaston Deli Menu

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