English Breakfast Co - Veggie Breakfast

English Breakfast Club Vegetarian Breakfast by Richard Jinks

So I have gone pescatarian and done away with bacon and sausage (madness you scream as you nearly drop your iPhone into your builders tea).

Well there it is. I won’t get into why I’ll just deliver my verdict on the vegetarian option at this well decorated cafe.

English Breakfast Co - Hipster Interior
English Breakfast Co – Hipster Interior

On the interior first, it’s nice. I like ‘stuff’ and it has ‘stuff’ (memorabilia, paraphernalia, vintage junk). But the seating is a little uncomfortable, small stools which gave this meal an infant school parents evening vibe.

English Breakfast Co - Menu
English Breakfast Co – Menu

On to the food and drink..

Tea was served in a really nice big mug but the milk was in one of those huge and  strange aluminium jugs with a black plastic lid that you have to tip ALLLL the way over. You know the type where you’re like what’s the red button for, do I press it? Where’s the milk.. For some godforsaken reason the cafe has decided to do away with teaspoons and employed eco-unfriendly splinters of wood which don’t stir sugar into your drink properly.

English Breakfast Co - Vegarian Breakfast
English Breakfast Co – Vegarian Breakfast

The food it’s self was the far better part of the meal. The standard Linda McCartney sausages (what else would you have on a vegetarian breakfast?) had been fried which isn’t my fave way to cook them. But the eggs were amazing very runny lovely yolk. The tomato cooked fine. The hash brown tots were novel and tasty. This breakfast is set apart with its offering of spinach and peppers on the side. Does it belong on a English Breakfast? No. Was it nice to have something other than Linda’s Standard Meat Free Sausage on the plate? Yes.

Would I recommend visiting this place for breakfast? No.

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