English Breakfast Co - Full English

English Breakfast Co Full English Breakfast – Bristol Road

English Breakfast Co - Outside
English Breakfast Co – Outside

So these guys are pretty hot on social media and have asked me on several occasions to visit – so I thought I would.

Firstly, the interior. Hipster. You know the place. Corrugated iron on some of the wall. Industrial lighting. Industrial pipes coming out of the walls holding up shelves. Shelves have things on them such as scooter helmets and Evil Kinevil’s helmet, (for those old enough to know who that is?) 1970’s advertising signs, (very probably original stuff), seating is small stools with no padding and tables are bench tables, made with pipework, of course – the sort that offer a ‘communal dining experience’… signs to remind you what to do and where you are: Eat and Cafe.

English Breakfast Co - Hipster Interior
English Breakfast Co – Hipster Interior
The English Breakfast Club - Sign
The English Breakfast Club – We all love a hashtag

So I am not enamoured by the interior, but thats not what the review is about.

English Breakfast Co - Menu
English Breakfast Co – Menu
I went for the FULL ENGLISH, (capitalised as per their menu). This included 2 Lashford Sausages, (the menu only implied a single sausage), bacon, roasted tomatoes, (half of one), mushrooms, (3), hash brown tots, (this was a first for me – they were like chocolage mini-egg sized hash browns and very nice – served in a ramekin), black pudding – cooked well but very thin, Heinz beans, (served, quite rightly in a ramekin) a fried egg, and a single piece of toast, (some sort of seeded/nutty bread). For £7.00 its not great value, but its not too bad, either.
English Breakfast Co - Full English Close Up
English Breakfast Co – Full English Close Up
Obviously, they serve their breakfast on enamel plates. In fairness, it goes with the hipster surroundings. My question is this: The plate isnt full by any accounts. Everything seems spaced out – as it to fill the plate? so why have 2 ramekins to serve part of your breakfast with, (that in itself is served in an aluminium take away container?), when there is plenty of space left on the plate? Style over substance?
English Breakfast Co - We Want Plates
English Breakfast Co – We Want Plates
Lets get on to the sausages: They had a little bit of marking on them from cooking, however, they were mainly pink and looked barely cooked. I must stress that they were, but they looked awful. I can only assume the chef was scared to overcook them – which would have been a long way off. The sausages were OK, (I couldn’t tell they were the famous Lashfords), but the lack of cooking meant that a lot of flavour was missing.
English Breakfast Co - Insipid Sausage
English Breakfast Co – Insipid Sausage

They sell craft beer as well.

Overall, it was OK, however, the staff were efficient and the music was pretty good, (I am getting on a bit though). With the effort they put into their style, I would have hoped that the breakfast would have been outstanding, (especially with the name English Breakfast Co). It wasnt.

Would I recommend it: No, there are much better offerings in the city.

Would I go back: probably not.

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