Fiddle and Bone Tiny Sausage

Fiddle And Bone Full English Breakfast – Nr Sea Life Centre

I turned up at just passed 12:00. They only serve breakfast from 09:00 – 12:00, (when they do open on time). Today however, turning up after 12:00, I was very pleasantly surprised to still get a breakfast.

Fried bread, black pudding, (I didn’t like this), a beautiful, perfectly cooked sausage, (but seriously small), 2 bacon, a full tomato, a fried egg and beans, (the egg was touching them – bit mistake – in my opinion).

The ingredients were good. They were cooked really well, but the problem was with the breakfast was that it was fried bread and not toast and the sausage was just too small.

Fiddle and Bone Quality Sausage
Fiddle and Bone Quality Sausage

With the fried bread, it made the breakfast just too greasy. It was  a shame.

I think that if they had given me a larger sausage, (or 2 sausages) and changed the fried bread to toast, (or added the toast as an extra), it would be an excellent breakfast. As it stands, because of the 2 issues, its just an OK breakfast. Such a shame, but there’s hope here.

Fiddle and Bone Outside Canalside
Fiddle and Bone Outside Canalside

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