Gas Street Social Full English

Gas Street Social Full English Breakfast – Brindley Place

I went to Gas Street Social today. I sat outside, watching the world go by, waiting for my much anticipated Full English Breakfast.

Gas Street Social
Gas Street Social

Gas Street Social at the Mailbox

Sadly, even with the lovely staff, I was disappointed. I don’t think that half a field mushroom is acceptable. I don’t think that extremely thin toast, (very small) is acceptable, nor do I think that a single rasher of streaky bacon is good enough. There was a half tomato and a single sausage too – which I didn’t think was particuly good. I must state that the poached egg was 10/10 perfect, but sadly, that was the only highlight.

Its like they care, but accountants have told them to half everything to make extra margin. All was cooked well, it was presented beautifully, but it was just lacking.

Its got promise, but at the moment, its not great.

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