Goodfillers Full English

GoodFillers Full English – Kingstanding

Another accidental breakfast. I was in the area, thought I would stop for a cuppa and next thing I knew, I was eating a Full English…. It happens.

GoodFillers - Kingstanding
GoodFillers – Kingstanding

As with a lot of places these days, the menu was on the wall. I went for the Full English and a cup of tea.

Goodfillers Menu
Goodfillers Menu

The breakfast turned up quickly and efficiently. A couple of very cheap sausages, 3 bacon, (a treat), 2 rounds of toast, baked beans, tinned tomatoes and a fried egg. The egg was hard, but apart from that, it was all pretty decent, especially for £5.80, including a tea or coffee.

Goodfillers Full English Breakfast
Goodfillers Full English Breakfast

The sausages were spongy. I could have asked if they were from a local butchers, but when you get fast service and a decent breakfast for under £6.00, I dont think you have the right to ask?

Goodfillers Sausage
Goodfillers Sausage

Would I recommend the place? Well, its OK and a filling breakfast. There was nothing special, it was just a nice breakfast.

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