Greedy Pig Cafe - Full English

Greedy Pig Full English Breakfast – Wolverhampton

This was going to be a trek into the unknown. I was off to Wolverhampton.

Someone had recommended this place to me on Facebook, so thinking that I could do with doing a bit of exercise, I jumped on my bike, headed to Birmingham on the canals, then carried on to Wolverhampton. It was a long way, but I knew there was a Full English at the end of it.

If someone was to ask what the place was like, I would say its a typical greasy spoon. When you go inside, its like a greasy spoon, too. Prices are cheap, (though I have had cheaper), this place is all about the calories. The portions are BIG. I had the large breakfast, however, I was told that the ‘Bumper’ breakfast had more sausages, toast and egg and also had mushrooms, hash browns and black pudding, too.

Greedy Pig Cafe Wolverhampton
Greedy Pig Cafe Wolverhampton

The bacon (4 pieces), was streaky – which is a nice change. It had rind on it too – reminding me of my youth.

Greedy Pig Cafe - Bacon
Greedy Pig Cafe – Bacon

The sausages, (2) were VERY well cooked, but were obviously very cheap ones. The 2 eggs were both hard and drowned by the tomatoes and the baked beans. There was an unexpected slice of fried bread, as well as the 2 rounds of thick toast. As I said, it was a big breakfast.

The staff were lovely – I think that’s worth a mention.

The total cost including 2 coffee’s was £6.20 – which is incredible!

Their opening hours are normally 8:00am till 2:00pm.

British Breakfast Club Recommended
British Breakfast Club Recommended

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