GRIDL – Newquay – 2021

GRIDL Newquay – just go up the stairs…

The lockdowns have finished (?) – we are in a more open society and we still need breakfasts. I have spent a lot of time in Cornwall over the lockdowns – but becuase of the lockdowns, I havent been able to get out there and enjoy any breakfasts. A week or so back, myself and some trusty foodie friends, (Adam, Rich and Janey), went for breakfast at GRIDL – which survived on take away breakfasts over the lockdown. I didnt try their takeaway, for some reason, but I did know I was keen to try thier wares.

Gridl Newquay Menu

As ever, I went for the Full English Breakfast. Their version is the SuperGRIDL Breakfast at £8.95. This included 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 slices of homemade hogs pudding, (absolutely delicious – but sliced way to thin), a ‘spinach and egg round’, steam baked chestnut mushrooms and baby plum tomatoes, a ramekin of beans, a homemade potato cake and a slice of toast.

GRIDL Full English Breakfast

I am a huge fan of the Full English Breakfast. I love what it is and here, you get Hogs Pudding which is a huge bonus, (though again, sliced way to thin). What you dont get is a decent egg. They give you these pucks of 3D omlette with spinach in it, (green should never appear on a Full English breakfast in my opinion), which I found tasteless and brought nothing to the party. The same goes for the potato cake – I was hoping for a bit of texture, perhaps something akin to a hash brown, but what I got was a small pancake of tastelessness. It was a bit greasy too.

So the potato and egg thingies were not very tasty. The rest of it was. The sausages tasted like ones I had had before. I remember thinking that they tasted like on of the supermarkets own brands? Thats not a bad thing, (the Asda Extra Special Pork sausages are one of my favourites), but for a place bragging Cornish this and Local that, I expected better.

The Vegetarian Full English went down well. It certainly looked good. Halloumi instead of sausages and an extra potato cake and egg thingy. Janey’s opinion was ‘nice’. She did say it was refreshing to not have meat substitutes, (non meat sausages and bacon for a change). Nothing great, but nice – which sort of echos what I thought about my breakfast.

Overall, breakfast was nice. I just tried to call to see if the sausages were supermarket but the phone said it was unavailable. Would I recommend this place? Yes. Would I say its a great breakfast? No. Could it be? a decent poached or fried egg and a crispy potato cake/hash brown and it could be outstanding. 7/10

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