Katies Full English Breakfast Oct 2016

Katies Full English Breakfast – Tamworth

OK, so its not exactly Birmingham, but I was told how good the breakfast was and had to try it out – to see for myself. My first opportunity was at 1:40pm, Saturday July 2016, (they only opened in June) – they were still serving breakfasts – which is GREAT NEWS!

Its a tiny little place that does some healthy food and drinks, (whatever they are), sited opposite the food Co-op in Tamworth town centre. You walk straight in to the dining room, which also houses a counter and the coffee machine. Obviously, I ordered the Full English.

It was great! 2 poached eggs, (perfectly poached). 4 small tomatoes on the vine, (super sweet), mushrooms that were cooked just right, still juicy in the middle, bursting with flavour, 2 sausages from a local butcher, (they have changed recently as their previous butcher didnt have the same consistency), 2 thick rashers of spot-on back bacon, a pot of baked beans and a couple of halfs of toast.

Katies Menu Tamworth
Katies Menu Tamworth

I am all about honest reviews.  The service was really friendly, really polite and not at all pushy, but the food coming out was a little slow. Even with the slightly slow delivering of the food, it’s one of the best breakfasts I have eaten this year. Simple as that. Perfectly cooked, nicely presented, I think it only cost £5.90 with a tea and coffee!

Katies Tamworth - Green
Katies Tamworth – Green

Would I go back to this place – damned right! I recommend that you visit it too.

BBC Recommended!

BBC Rating

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