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Lewis’s Full English Breakfast – Moseley

Lewis's of Moseley
Lewis’s of Moseley

I thought I would try somewhere a bit off the beaten track for me, and ended up in Moseley, (over an hour away). Its a nice enough area with lots of independents, which cheered me up no end.

We walked in and sat down. There was a guy with an apron on talking to a customer who eventually left with 2 hot drinks. During this 10-15 minute wait, no attempt to acknowledge us was made at all. I nearly walked out, but as I was with a friend, I didnt want to make a scene, so we stayed. This was not a good start.

We then got our menu’s:

Lewis's Crumpled Menu
Lewis’s Crumpled Menu

It doesn’t cost much to print a menu. What they were doing handing out these is beyond me? However, I stuck with it. I ordered a cup of tea and a Full English Breakfast with an extra slice of toast.

Lewis's Full English Breakfast 3
Lewis’s Full English Breakfast 3

The breakfast was nice. The poached eggs, (options of poached or scrambled), were good. The sausages were chipolata thin and the bacon was oven cooked streaky, (a little over for my liking). Tomato was OK, hash brown had a nice crisp edge to is, the mushrooms were good. The toast was excellent, (not sure where it was from)? The butter was not straight from the fridge, making it easy to spread – a nice touch.

Tea was some loose leaf affair which was quite floral. I cant comment on this becuase I am new to tea – though I did think it a little flowery. This is not a bad thing, as I only drink weak PG Tips, so I am not in a position to comment. It did look very hipster though…

Where I got a little pissed was with the state of the milk. It came in a churn, as many of them do, however, this one had lots of marks on it. I tried to scratch them off with my nails only to find that the dirty bits were INSIDE the bottle, not outside. Its basic hygiene.

Lewis's of Moseley Milk Churn - Dirty on the inside
Lewis’s of Moseley Milk Churn – Dirty on the inside

All those black dots were on the inside of the churn. If they cant get something as simple as that right…. (FYI Their hygiene rating is 5 stars). I drank a single cup of tea with a small amount of milk in it.

This is an independent cafe/deli. It looks good. Its bohemian, like the Moseley area, however, its not up to scratch. Shoddy menu’s, dirty milk recepticles, ridiculous waiting times, (with an empty establishment), is not good enough. Its the little things like this that make people think ‘sod it, I will go to Wetherspoons, or Boston Tea Party, or other chain restaurants’. Its letting independent restaurants down.


With better service and basic hygiene elevated, this place could have got an 8/10. Instead, its only a generous 6. I just hope they were just having a bad day?

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