Mabels Full English Breakfast

Mabels Tea Room Full English Breakfast – Curborough nr Lichfield

Let me start by saying I had refused to take my wife here becuase of the reviews on TripAdvisor. They average 3 stars, however nearly all of the complaints were about the staff and their attitude and ambivilence to the customer. I didnt want to risk taking my wife becuase of this – which just shows how important reviews can be.

Mabels Tea Rooms Curborough
Mabels Tea Rooms Curborough

Secondly, its HUGE! They have a large conservatory, and a large tea room. And another. And another…. its like a tardis in there.

Mabels - its Huge
Mabels – its Huge

Now on to the menu. I thought that the contents of the Full English breakfast was slightly unbalanced. The menu states that you get one sausage, however I had 2 chippolata type. Why that isnt correct, (either on the plate or on the menu)?

Mabels - Inaccurate Menu
Mabels – Inaccurate Menu

The breakfast came very quickly, within 3 minutes which is great, but means that the food had been stood around a little while. That said, the food was OK, apart from the snotty egg – which they really shouldn’t have served it was that undercooked.

Mabels - Snotty Egg
Mabels – Snotty Egg

Breakfast was 2 sausages, (not 1 as advertised), 2 bacon, 1 toast, (it needed another piece – which I ordered separately), tinned tomatoes, beans in a ramekin and a very snotty egg. It wasnt too bad at all, however, if you are putting beans in a ramekin, its to stop them touching the other ingredients – but they slopped the tinned tomatoes on the plate which did the same? I found that a bit confusing. Mind you, for £5.50 and a further 50p for the extra slice of toast, it wasn’t to bad.

Mabels Full English 2
Mabels Full English 2

After my breakfast, I went to the counter to see if I could speak to the manager/owner. There were 3 staff and one customer who  was waiting for a slice of cake. I wanted to find out who was the manager/owner so that I could find out some more information about the ingredients, how long they had been there etc, however, after hearing the lady that served me ‘huff’, (like it was a really big deal to put a slice of cake onto a plate), then a further 4-5 minutes of waiting with no eye contact or acknowledgment, I simply walked away, understanding why so many of the Trip Advisor reviews were so bad.

Mabels - Sausage
Mabels – Sausage

Finally, from my table, I could see right in to the kitchen. I watched several of the staff walk into the kitchen and pick up items of food from the counter by the heat lamps and start eating. I also watched them walk back out into the tea room without washing their hands. It wasnt busy. If it was the staff breakfast, then get them to sit down, otherwise, why walk around in view of customers eating?

This place desperately needs to send its staff on customer service training. Something as simple as acknowledgement could have saved the day – but noone bothered.

Would I recommend this venue? Its a tough one. The breakfast is OK, but its let down by the service. Probably not.

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