Mushu Full English Breakfast - Tamworth

Mushu Full English Breakfast – Tamworth

This place used to be called Katies and I was a big fan. The breakfast there was superb, (, gaining 8/10 fried eggs. This is the same cafe, the same layout, but a bit older and more tired looking.

The ‘problem’ with Katies was that everything was freshly cooked, including staples like sausages, which meant that you would often wait 20 minutes for your breakfast, (it was worth it!)

Thats not an issue here, as sausages were clearly pre-cooked, I would not be suprised if the black pudding and toast wasn’t too. The black pudding was very leathery, the toast was brittle, (like it have been left to go cold then reheated and the poached egg was hard.

Mushu Hard Egg - Tamworth
Mushu Hard Egg – Tamworth

As the sausages were pre-cooked, they were rather over done for my liking. Thats the negatives out of the way.

Mushu Sausage - Tamworth
Mushu Sausage – Tamworth

The breakfast here is still reasonable at £6.40 and comes with a ramakin of beans, two slices of thick bacon, (cooked perfectly and very tasty), mushrooms, on vine tomatoes, the leathery black pudding, the two over cooked sausages, a slice of supermarket toast, (I think it needed another slice to be in proportion) and a poached egg, (on both our breakfasts, they were hard). Presentation was good, service was very friendly. Its somewhere I would go back, but its not quite there yet to get a BBC recommendation.

Mushu Full English Breakfast
Mushu Full English Breakfast

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