Orientee Bakery - Full English

Orientee Bakery Full English Breakfast -Dale End

I met my son Jack for breakfast at Orientee Bakery – as a good friend of mine and one half of Out In Brum,  pointed me to a blog post by Bite Your Brum – pointing out a new breakfast venue. I rose to the challenge.

Orientee Bakery - Dale End
Orientee Bakery – Dale End

Its in Dale End. Its not the nicest part of the city, even though its just a few metres from New Street. Once you negotiate your way throught the homeless and beggars, you enter a place thats spotlessly clean and has an open kitchen. There are incredible breads on display – I think that this could be a big thing for the city, (the owner trained at the Artisan School of Baking in Mansfield, (where I did my cheesemaking course – dont ask)…

Orientee Bakery - Incredible Breads
Orientee Bakery – Incredible Breads

Their pastries and cakes were equally impressive:

Orientee Bakery - Pastries
Orientee Bakery – Pastries

I didnt even look at the menu, I just ordered a Full English, but the menu is here if you are interested:

Orientee Bakery - Menu
Orientee Bakery – Menu

About 10 minutes later, the breakfasts arrived. Both were huge. The first thing that stood out was that there was corn on the cob on it? the second things was that there was something that was purple and orange.

Orientee Bakery - Bubble and Squeak
Orientee Bakery – Bubble and Squeak

I had never had a purple item on a Full English breakfast before. It turns out that it was their take on bubble and squeak. It was too soft and had carrots in it. I didnt like it at all.

The sausage was a overcooked and looked like it had been kept warm for a while – but it had a good taste and still a decent texture.

Orientee Bakery - Sausage
Orientee Bakery – Sausage

The breakfast was bit. Sausage, 2 x bacon, black pudding, awful bubble and squeak, lovely mushrooms, vine tomatoes, (nice, but I left them), beans in a separate pot, (that how it comes) and some incredibly good sourdough bread, lightly toasted with 2 perfectly runny poached eggs on it, pea shoots and of course corn on the cob!

Orientee Bakery - Full English Breakfast
Orientee Bakery – Full English Breakfast

If they got rid of the bubble and squeak, (or stuck to a traditional recipe), didnt bother with the corn of the cob, (why is it there?), didnt cook the sausage so much, then this has the makings of a great breakfast. The sourdough was simply sublime, the eggs were spot on. They have to change the awful brown sauce to HP, (which they are about to – the ketchup was Heinz, in weird individual sachets). Even with all these problems, both Jack and I agree that it was worth still giving this place a 7, though I think it could be a 9 with work.

The staff were great, all young, all top knots and tatoos, (apart from the owner), attentive and made sure we were looked after.

Would I recommend this place? Yes, definitely. With a few tweaks, this could be outstanding and certainly worth the trip to the wrong side of town.

British Breakfast Club Recommended
British Breakfast Club Recommended

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