Quinto Lounge - Full English Breakfast

Quinto Lounge Full English Breakfast – Sutton Coldfield

Quinto Lounge Sutton Coldfield

I went here today becuase of a mix up with timings for Migas, a Spanish tapas restaurant in Sutton Coldfield. Sadly, they shut at 11:00, (we thought it was 12:00 – my bad). As Migas was not an option, we went to Quinto Lounge. Quinto is a ‘lounge’ and part of a chain, based out of Bristol. Others include Verdo, Renato’s, Parmo, Sorrento and several others. Todays was in Sutton Coldfield, and was very popular with families and even a dog.

I opted for the Lounge Breakfast, which included a fried egg, (hard and grey – because of overcooking). This is not acceptable.

Quinto Lounge - Massively Overcooked Eggs
Quinto Lounge – Massively Overcooked Eggs

a tiny mug of beans, (just the right amount – but I have never seen a mug of beans that small before), mushrooms, half a tomato, a couple of hash browns, (crispy), very crispy bacon, (I prefer mine just done – I didn’t enjoy this), a sausage circle – think ice hockey puck with similar flavour. Its a shame. They appear to make their own sausage, which was cooked perfectly, however they didnt put much flavour in it?

Quinto Lounge - Full English Breakfast
Quinto Lounge – Full English Breakfast

Black pudding was an extra – I didnt bother today.

If it wasnt for HP Brown Sauce, more of this breakfast would have been left, as it was too dry, (egg, bacon), and lacked flavour, (sausage). Toast was good, mushrooms were good, the half a tomato was nice, beans were fine, but I cannot get over that egg. It just looked awful.

One of the party had pancaked with bacon, (cooked correctly), mini hash browns, beans and maple syrup. This was claimed to be ‘great’ – she was 7 though!

My wife had the avacado breakfast which she enjoyed. ‘it was nice and there was plenty of it – the egg was overdone though’.

My review is of the Full English Breakfast, not of the other breakfasts, which were better than mine.

Would I recommend this place? After the egg, the bacon, the sausage, I am afraid I can’t, so it’s a no.

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