Ruthin Castle - Buffet Breakfast

Ruthin Castle – New Years Day Breakfast Buffet – Wales

This is a breakfast at a castle that I had the fortune of staying in over New Years Eve. Sadly, I don’t think its something that you can just go and enjoy without staying there, however, it is never the less a good breakfast. What I really enjoyed, (only on New Years Day – when they serve breakfast between 10:00am and 2:00pm), was the option of having Lamb Hot Pot, or a Steak Sandwich! Obviously, being a creature of habit, I went for the Full English (Welsh?), with my preferred poached eggs.

Ruthin Castle Menu - New Years Day 2016
Ruthin Castle Menu – New Years Day 2016

– which was just what my extremely delicate head needed.

Ruthin Castle Breakfast Buffet
Ruthin Castle Breakfast Buffet

Plenty of toast, (just normal sliced bread), bacon, sausage, 2 perfectly poached eggs, black pudding, (not greasy at all – excellent), mushrooms cooked in butter, grilled tomato and beans, (I ordered these to be served separately). All of it was good, with the eggs perfect.

The next day, (January 2nd), it was the standard ‘hotel buffet breakfast’. This was again very good, with the exception of the awful fried eggs. It was a bit of a shame and my overall review is a combination of the 2 breakfasts.

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