Selly Sausage Full English Breakfast

Selly Sausage Full English Breakfast – Selly Oak

I was on my way to a recommended cafe: Linda’s Corner Cafe on the Pershore Road when I spotted a sign for Selly Oak. Ah, I thought, the legendary Selly Sausage – I diverted.

My first impression was that Selly Oak was very ‘studenty’. Very studenty indeed. With lots of students looking to fill their faces with cheap food and choose from dozens of properties that were To Let.

I entered and ordered the Full English breakfast with a black coffee. It came to £4.55 which was cheap. Less that a minute later, I was perched on a bench, sat up at an incredibly low table with my food in front of me. After asking where I get my cutlery from and the sauce, (brown of course), I started.

I wasn’t big, but there was 2 rounds of toast. A single egg, (pretty solid, not runny), single bacon and a single sausage. This was the real disappointment. For somewhere that calls itself Selly Sausage, I thought I would be in for a treat when it came to the sausage. I wasn’t. It was about as cheap a sausage as you can get. You know, the spongy ones that are pre frozen, normally from an economy range.

They did have a rather brash claim on the blackboard, stating that they do the ‘BEST’ Bacon, Egg, Sausage and Tomato. They don’t, they don’t, they don’t and they don’t.

Selly Sausage - Brave Statements
Selly Sausage – Brave Statements

I suppose that either the cliché of students eating as cheaply as possible is true, therefore the food fits the clientèle, or they just didn’t care too much? Either way, its not somewhere I could see ever going back to.

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