Serenity Cafe - Full English Breakfast

Serenity Cafe – Full English Breakfast in Bearwood – by Richard Jinks


Serenity Cafe
Serenity Cafe

Bearwood Breakfast is served any time.

This little cafe is right by the busy 82 bus stop Into town so always has a hustle about it. Breakfast today was your standard Full English with a choice of toast, fried bread or bread and butter. A huge plus as not many places have all 3 options.

Serenity Cafe - Full English Breakfast
Serenity Cafe – Full English Breakfast

They have a few different options if you don’t want Full English – anything you want on toast basically. Highlights of the cafe breakfast include good thick tasty bacon (actually really good). Fried bread- haven’t had that since BHS Cafe went and did a Woolworths – and they have a tv to watch the news while you fuel up.

Serenity Cafe - TV
Serenity Cafe – TV
Serenity Cafe - Menu
Serenity Cafe – Menu

Downfalls are the lack of ramekin for juice oozing beans and toms (the humanity), poor quality sausage (I do love a GOOD sausage) and round tables. Ok maybe round tables isn’t a thing (unless you’re me, I mean). Chances are you’re not either. Don’t accept them, there’s no personal space on a round table. Also the egg look like it’s hen had undiagnosed clinical depression (see photo). £4.70 with tea included is not bad with a few tweaks I’d go back. Add £0.40p for a slice of reasonably good black pudding as it is separate on the extras .A good idea for people who hate asking to modify meals and keeps the base price down – I like it!

Serenity Cafe - Cuppa
Serenity Cafe – Cuppa

If they could up the quality of the sausage and egg, build a dam for the beans and tom juice I would go back. Oh and my plate kept sliding around on the round glass table. I had to anchor it with a napkin. Better plates or better still, change the tables to square ones.


Review by Richard Jinks – (Thanks again!)


On as aside, I asked Richard how he would describe it: ‘a pensioners breakfast’…

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