Smokey Joes - Cornwall - Large Full English Breakfast

Smokey Joes – Redruth

Smokey Joes Cafe – Redruth, Cornwall

Its been far too long since our last review. Corona Virus has sort of buggered it up a bit. But here is some good news. A good review, from a proper old school truck stop cafe that serves a cracking breakfast, complete with hogs pudding, (its a bit of a speciality around these parts).

Smokey Joes - Cornwall - Truck Stop
Smokey Joes – Cornwall – Truck Stop

My mum said she used to go here when she was a youngster – its got pedigree. Places like this dont last unless they are good. This place was recommended by a builder, a landscaper, and a carpenter – it had to be good.

Smokey Joes - Cornwall - Menu
Smokey Joes – Cornwall – Menu

After recording my personal contact details, then having my temperature taken, I was sat at an outside table and perused the menu, (the tables were covered in black plastic – for easier wiping down – the menu taped to the black plastic). I chose the large breakfast. I had nothing to go on – but its always better to go large…

And then this turned up:

Smokey Joes - Cornwall - Large Full English Breakfast
Smokey Joes – Cornwall – Large Full English Breakfast

A single piece of perfectly griddled bacon, a fried egg, a cheap sausage, deep fried mushrooms, fried bread, sauted potatoes, beans, tinned tomatoes and the glorious, white peppery hogs pudding. It was brilliant! Dont get me wrong, its a heart attach on a plate, but it was heart attack on a socially distance plate and it made me very happy.

Smokey Joes - Cornwall - Hogs Pudding
Smokey Joes – Cornwall – Hogs Pudding

The hogs pudding made a cracking breakfast great.

They had those awful brown and tomato sauce squirty things – but they also had cases of HP and Heinz. The lady that took my money said that they use HP and Heinz, but sometimes they use Bookers, (cash and carry). They lose a fried egg rating for not being faithful to the greats. I am not going to take a point off for beans on the plate, because its a greasy spoon truckers stop – with great staff and a menu that says ‘no swaps’.

I loved it.

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