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Mushu Full English Breakfast - Tamworth

Mushu Full English Breakfast – Tamworth

This place used to be called Katies and I was a big fan. The breakfast there was superb, (https://wp.me/p9BOzx-1xW), gaining 8/10 fried eggs. This is the same cafe, the same layout, but a bit older and more tired looking. The ‘problem’ with Katies was that everything was freshly cooked, including […]

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The Ladybridge Buffet Breakfast - Tamworth

The Ladybridge Beafeater – Tamworth

I took a little one here to spend a bit of time together and enjoy a breakfast. She is just 6 years old. I wanted to go to another venue that stated it was open from 09:00, however, it wasnt, (it was still shut when we returned home, nearly 2 […]

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Red Lion Full English Breakfast - Hopwas

Red Lion Full English Breakfast – Hopwas

The weather was awful today, so instead of going for a 30 mile bike ride, I went for a Full English breakfast instead. The Red Lion is a pub in a village near Tamworth, set right on the Fazeley canal, (so its fantastic for drinking outside in the summer).   […]

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Christophers - Tamworth - Full English Breakfast

Christophers Full English – Tamworth

Christophers is a nice looking bar from the outside, inside, its a bit smaller than I expected, but still quite nice. The biggest downside from eating breakfast there, (with hotel guests), was the echoey noise from the rooms. The ceilings are quite high – I think the place could benefit […]

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Katies Full English Breakfast Oct 2016

Katies Full English Breakfast – Tamworth

OK, so its not exactly Birmingham, but I was told how good the breakfast was and had to try it out – to see for myself. My first opportunity was at 1:40pm, Saturday July 2016, (they only opened in June) – they were still serving breakfasts – which is GREAT […]

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