The Deli Social in Boldmere 2016

The Deli Social Full English Breakfast – Boldmere – Birmingham’s Best Breakfast 2013 and 2017

Its been a while since I visited this place. I have moved away from the area, so its not so convenient. For those Birmingham Breakfast Club fans,you will know that the Deli in Boldmere, (its sort of the same place – they just split the deli side from the cafe side), won Best Birmingham’s Breakfast in 2013, well, they have only gone and done it again! the 2017 Best Breakfast in Birmingham goes to: The Deli Social.

The Deli Social Boldmere Full English Breakfast
The Deli Social Boldmere Full English Breakfast

I opted for the large breakfast. I was hungry. 3 rashers of bacon, (nice and thick), 3 sausages, half a tomato, mushrooms, 2 hash browns, 2 perfectly fried eggs, a pot of baked beans and 2 slices of hand cut, thick toast. It cost me £8.00 – which I think was unbelievable value for the quality and volume of food.

After a few checks, I found that the sausages are the legendary Lashfords made in Kings Norton – which explained why they were quite so good.

The only downside; the hash browns were not quite warm enough. That s the only reason that this breakfast didn’t score a perfect 10.

Congratulations to Pip and her team. Its great to see that her family run, independent cafe’s doing such a great job!

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