Digbeth Eatery - Digbeth

The Digbeth Eatery – Digbeth – by @charlie_spotted

Today’s breakfast, courtesy of that cafe on Digbeth High Street that keeps changing owners. It’s now called something to do with Peaky Blinders (of course), I forget what exactly.

Digbeth Eatery Menu
Digbeth Eatery Menu – (picture taken from their website)

I didn’t ask for the beans separate, so I can’t complain about that, but the tons of tinned tomato juice definitely was an issue. Sausage and bacon not of a very high standard but cooked well. I’ve definitely had worse bacon. Nice thick bread. Decent egg and hash brown. Nice environment and good service. £4.95 but it’s Digbeth. I’d say it’s a 6/10

Digbeth Eatery - Digbeth
Digbeth Eatery – Digbeth

Review by @charlie_spotted

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