The Ladybridge Buffet Breakfast - Tamworth

The Ladybridge Beafeater – Tamworth

I took a little one here to spend a bit of time together and enjoy a breakfast. She is just 6 years old. I wanted to go to another venue that stated it was open from 09:00, however, it wasnt, (it was still shut when we returned home, nearly 2 hours later). The Ladybridge is a Beefeater venue.

The Ladybridge Sign - Tamworth
The Ladybridge Sign – Tamworth
The Ladybridge - Tamworth
The Ladybridge – Tamworth

I didnt realise, but its a buffet style breakfast. You know the type, trays of breakfast ingredients under heat lamps, drying the food out.

The Ladybridge Buffet Breakfast - Tamworth
The Ladybridge Buffet Breakfast – Tamworth

I wasnt expecting much. It delivered. Service was great, really friendly staff, however, thats really where it ended. All the bread for the toaster seemed just a little hard. The hot food was sited right next to the gents toilets which although useful for those with bladder problems, was perhaps not the best place to put the food?

The sausages were awful. I mentioned that I wasnt impressed with them to the server, who said that she had had lots of complaints – the supplier changed a few weeks before – now she was getting lots of complaints. Surely, someone further up the chain should be able to sort this? (FYI The texure was not nice. When I cut one of them in half, it looked like it was screaming!)

The Ladybridge Sausage - Tamworth
The Ladybridge Sausage – Tamworth

On a positive side, I didnt realise that its kids under 16 eat free – so I only paid £8.99 for myself and the kid.

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