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The Loft at Buzzards Valley – Full English Breakfast – Tamworth – By Kevin Fields

Our annual visit to choose a Christmas tree and have breakfast in the bistro. There’s a shop downstairs full of interesting stuff like wines, beers, preserves, chutneys, cheeses etc – plus lots of gift ideas. The bistro is up the stairs at the back. Must be nearly 15 years since my first visit.

Buzzards Valley Interior
Buzzards Valley Interior

The bistro was always run in house but was leased out about two years ago. Standards were on the slide a little but two guys have now taken it over the increase in quality is immense. The place was almost full when we arrived at 10.30 on a Saturday morning and each empty table had a reserved sign on it – panicked a little until I noticed the reservations were for lunch time. We were shown to a four-top in the corner. We were instantly given menus but then forgotten about a little – we saw people who arrived after us being approached to place their orders.

The wait wasn’t too bad and we ordered a big breakfast each and tea for two. The tea came instantly but we’d finished the pot before breakfast arrived – excusable as everything is cooked to order. Asked for a second pot of tea. The breakfast was two Lashford sausages, two free range fried eggs, two rashers of very thick good quality bacon, a slice of decent black pudding, pan fried mushrooms, beans, and two slices of thick toast.

Buzzards Valley Menu
Buzzards Valley Menu

Every item on the plate was decent quality and well cooked. I really don’t know anywhere that serves a better breakfast. When the bill came it was £20.50 (full breakfast is £9.00 each). I noticed we hadn’t been charged for the second pot of tea and had that added – was so happy with the food I’d have felt mean not to. Left an extremely happy chappy, selected a tree and then drove home. If it wasn’t for the fact it is a 40 minute drive from me I’d be a regular.

The above review was by Kevin Fields – a regular Birmingham Breakfast Club contributor.

Kevin Fields - Birmingham Breakfast Club
Kevin Fields – Birmingham Breakfast Club

Note from SS: I tried to eat breakfast there once. arrived at 11:55, but they wouldnt serve breakfast as it was too late. I never went back – sounds like I should!

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