Red Lion UAB - Full English Breakfast

The Red Lion UAB Full English Breakfast – Jewellery Quarter

Great breakfast. Great price. It’s a pub, but don’t let that put you off. Succulent sausage, bacon, steak, egg, mushrooms tomato and toast. Blooming lovely!

Red Lion UAB - Full English Breakfast
Red Lion UAB – Full English Breakfast

This is just another pub – or so you would think? Go inside of this average looking pub and you are in an Urban Arts Bar, (hence the U.A.B.). What most people don’t know is that these guys and girls do great breakfasts.

When you go in, you are given a menu with a great selection of breakfasts, including a steak option!

Ingredients here are good. Superb sausage, bacon was spot on, a fried egg, (OK), perfect medium rare steak, some much appreciate sauteed potatoes, half a tomato and beans. There was some decent toast to round it off too.

Breakfast served quickly, breakfast was hot and really tasty.  I loved the environment, I loved the staff and I loved the food. Happy days!

At my last count, I have had 9 breakfasts here, its that good!

BBC Recommended!

British Breakfast Club Recommended
British Breakfast Club Recommended

BBC Rating

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