The Royal Hotel - Sutton Coldfield - Full English Breakfast

The Royal Hotel Full English Breakfast – Sutton Coldfield

I went for breakfast here after meeting up with a load of my cycling friends. The staff were very rushed when I ordered by Full English. I think that the chef was a little rushed too, looking at what he served on this occasion.

The egg was a disaster – they shouldnt have served it – by doing so, I think meant that they were either too busy or they didnt care in the kitchen?

The Royal Hotel - Sutton Coldfield - Broken Egg
The Royal Hotel – Sutton Coldfield – Broken Egg

The general Full English consists of 1 bacon, 2 sausages, (halved to cook quickly), tomato, baked beans, (loads of them), a flat mushroom, decent toast and a shocking fried egg. Apart from the egg, it was all cooked satisfactorily. Presentation was pretty bad though – and they let the beans touch the fried egg – which is a fate worse that death as far as I am concerned!

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