Urban Church Street Full English Breakfast – Review by Warwick Lea

Breakfast can become boring. For the last 4-5 weeks I have been starting my weekdays in various hotels in the vicinity of Dublin Airport – I’ve been working from our office in that area. Typical continental or Irish breakfast in hotels becomes tedious. For the last couple of weeks I have stayed in the imposing Grand in Malahide which is on the coast. Breakfast looking across Malahide harbour towards the Irish sea as dawn breaks has been convivial, dimmed by the ever-present talk of the job in hand with my colleagues.

But that is over for the time being at least. Back to normal service. After a pleasant Saturday venture into North Wales, glorious in the ‘Spring’ sunlight, I felt the need for a proper Sunday morning breakfast. Quality was at the top of my desire, after the ‘pile it high’ buffets of the last few weeks. I chose well with Urban Church Street.

Urban Church St
Urban Church St

This particular branch brings back work memories too – it was our meeting place and watering hole on an assignment a few years ago. Happy memories of a great team and great work. We’ve also visited when its hosted pop-ups for Kinome Japonica. If you see one of these advertised just book it and look forward to wonderful, skilful and restrained Japanese food.

Today the ground floor was quiet when we arrived, although we could hear voices upstairs and saw plates being dispatched in that direction. We seated ourselves by the windows to watch the world pass by on Edmund Street. Everyone seemed to have full winter gear on today – we’d parked right outside.

Our order – the Urban Brekkie for me and Eggs Royale for my wife. Coffees – Latte for herself and Americano for me. Table water and glasses are available from the table with cutlery and bits. A great idea as I always like some water with my coffee and breakfast. I was so intent on ordering I forgot to get my Independent Birmingham card out! Doh!

My Americano was pretty close to perfect (for me!). Strong, full flavoured and deep, deep brown. The blend was nutty and earthy. Lovely. The Latte was described as creamy, large and comforting – not being a milk drinker I really have no frame of reference.

Urban Coffee - Colmore Row
Urban Coffee – Colmore Row

Our food arrived a few minutes later. It looked really, really great and very appetising! And it tasted wonderful!

Aesthetics first, the beans were served in pot which Simon (@BrumBrekkieClub) always prefers in order to avoid contamination. The Cumberland whirl looked impressive, as did all of the components.

I started by saying that what I wanted this morning was quality. That’s exactly what I got.

Lashfords Cumberland sausage – a ring of comforting porky goodness with a hint of black pepper. Cooked maybe slightly well done, it was delicious with those lovely crispy bits at the end and around the edges of the ring. Lashfords are still my favourite sausages!

Free range eggs – fried with the yolks set but looking like they were sunny side up – perfectly how I like them. You can only tell a really good and fresh egg when you have them. There is something extra in the flavour that makes them taste so good and brings out a little smile of satisfaction.

Bacon – lightly smoked back. Didn’t stand out as well as the other items but was still good quality and tasty.

Mushroom – a nice big Portobello ‘shroom that looked undercooked but was again spot on. Full of flavour.

Sour Dough toast – crunchy, tasty and satisfying. Just wanted more. (I don’t eat raw butter either)

The Eggs Royal looked very good too. A take on Eggs Benny but with smoked salmon rather than ham. My wife loved the fresh, quality eggs and the mild smoked salmon. Her only criticism – the salmon would have benefited from being at room temperature. The hollandaise was silky and smooth to perfectly complement her runny egg yolks. Another great dish.

Eggs Benedict with Salmon at Urban Church Street
Eggs Benedict with Salmon at Urban Church Street

Urban Church Street gave us a great breakfast to start our Sunday and overcame my breakfast torpor from too many mediocre hotel buffets. We’ll happily go back again because it is just a lovely quality brekkie with coffee that matches the quality.

Review by Warwick Lea @wdlea

Warwick Lea - @WDLea
Warwick Lea – @WDLea

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