Victoria Square Guest House - Stirling

Victoria Square Guest House Full Scottish Breakfast – Stirling

Another B and B (Guest House). Very nice it was too. Lovely rooms in a lovely building.

Obvioulsy, I was really looking forward to a decent breakfast. It was advertised as something special – however, when it turned up, it wasnt quite so special after all.

The poached egg had been done in a 1970’s poacher, (which historically made the eggs a rubbery texture), however, this one was solid – which really soured the whole breakfast experience, (I asked for it to be runny).

Victoria Square Guest House - Hard Poached Egg - Stirling
Victoria Square Guest House – Hard Poached Egg – Stirling

Their full Scottish Breakfast consisted of: Potato cake, cherry tomatoes, black pudding, 2 sausages, beans and a hard poached egg.

Sadly, the breakfast didnt live up to the hype. It was OK, just OK.

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