White Horse Full English Breakfast

White Horse Full English Breakfast – Balsall Common by Paul Hibbert

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So, what do you need when seven of your have completed a muddy cold parkrun in Leamington, and are ready to wonder around the NEC for the next few hours? You need a good breakfast, that’s what. So it was with great serendipity that we stumbled into the White Horse in Balsall Common, and were met by a very friendly staff member.

The White Horse in Balsall Common – A banging good breakfast!

Jugs of water brought to the table along with the teas and coffees. As all seven of us had the full English, I can’t comment on the other options. But then why would you look any further than the traditional? Two beautifully cooked fried eggs, a couple of good pieces of bacon, a slice of extremely good black pudding and one very large, delicious Lashford’s sausage. Beans correctly in a ramekin – could have used more than the one smallish mushroom and half a tomato to balance the meat out, but that’s a small complaint. Oh, and they put a hash brown on the plate – as one of our party commented, one of the worst manifestations of American cultural imperialism.

We still ate them though. Proper sauces, Heinz and HP, no cheap stuff here. Very filling – I struggled to finish the last couple of mouthfuls – possibly not helped by snaffling a couple of extra eggs from somebody else’s plate. Definitely worth a visit if you’re south of the city, and can do justice to an excellent sausage.

Would I recommend it? YES!

British Breakfast Club Recommended
British Breakfast Club Recommended

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