Wood Norton Hall - Evesham - Full English Breakfast

Wood Norton Hall Full English Breakfast – Evesham

We stayed here for my wifes birthday. Its an old hunting lodge. Its stunning.

Breakfast was a comprehensive choice, of which, I obviously opted for the full English. My wife went for avocado and poached eggs on toast. As you can see from the picture below, there was a bit of a ratio issue between the toast and the rest of the breakfast. Another slice of toast would have made this much better. As it stands, it was classed as ‘OK’.

Wood Norton Hall - Evesham - Veggie Breakfast
Wood Norton Hall – Evesham – Veggie Breakfast

My full English was served at the same time. It had 2 mushrooms that had been roasted with no oil/butter. They were inedible. The bacon had obviously been left under a heat lamp for a long time, the sausage was tiny, the tomato was good, as were the beans. The poached egg tasted of too much vinegar and the hash brown was barely warm. It was a bit of a write off. I can only assume that the normal kitchen team were off and they got someone in to cover?

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